Jun 25, 2014

Kaptain Brawe II singing for Viggo on a ZX Spectrum

Hello reader, here are three Kickstarter campaigns that deserve our love:

Kaptain Brawe 2: A Space Travesty

The original Kaptain Brawe, its very first demo to be precise, was one of the first indie adventures I covered on this blog back in 2006. It was a point-and-clicker that looked absolutely lovely in its hand-painted world  and one that spent a few years in development hell before finally becoming a good game ages later. Now, veteran game writer Steve Ince and Bill Tiller of Monkey Island 3 fame have been brought on board for what can only be described as an ambitious and exciting sequel that needs your crowd-funding moneys.

The campaign will be live for another day (at the time of writing) and can still use all the support it can get in order to reach its goal.

A Song for Viggo

Created using folded paper and stop-motion animation, A Song for Viggo is both visually striking and aiming to touch upon the depression that follows a tragedy. Its grim theme is in stark contrast to its beautiful visuals, its writing seems to be able to move and its mechanics will apparently be built around a single puzzle: living you life. Oh, and the two new videos the dev released (here and here) are more than promising.

The Story of the ZX Spectrum in Pixels

It's a new book on the ZX Spectrum by Chris Wilkins and, just like his previous books, it's looking lovely. It will apparently be a colourful and well-laid out affair covering most of the definitive Speccy games, while also providing interviews with developers and bits of history. The book will mainly be a visual journey from 1982 to the early '90s filled with huge screenshots, retro game advertisements, inlay artwork, loading screens and more.

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  1. Thank you so much for writing about my project Viggo. <3