Jun 10, 2014

Avaus Text Adventure -- So you wish to become a mighty software developer?

Certain cautionary tales do have to be circulated it seems, if only to save those poor starry-eyed children from a dark and desperate future. But, let's not start by discouraging those young, creative people, shall we?

Better have a go at the free, browser-based Avaus Text Adventure instead; the one subtitled "So you wish to become a mighty software developer?". It's simple, highly enjoyable, plays like a proper piece of interactive fiction and sports some delightfully lighthearted dev stereotypes. Oh, yes, and several extremely well-designed puzzles that are definitely worth your time. Also, after spending over an hour with the thing, I haven't finished it yet, so please do let me know if it's as good as it seems.


  1. All I'll say is, when you reach the end, you can get a job ;)

    1. As in a real job? Well, it must get pretty tough later on then...

    2. Some good Google-fu skills will help you there, but it's a pretty short game.