Jan 28, 2014

DroidArcade -- launched for iOS

Long time no see, eh reader? Well, sorry about that, but, as is customary, I had been incredibly busy with DroidArcade; a game my humble self and Kyttaro Games launched on Apple's App Store a few days ago. It's a reworked, free to grab and fully arcade take on the more cerebral, more expensive Droidscape: Basilica and I do hope the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch owning masses really enjoy it. Do, please, let me know what you thought of it and its sci-fi, stop-motion animated self.


  1. Downloaded it, but I'm a bit confused as to how it's different from DS:B? Having played through that game, is there any new content on DroidArcade or is it just reorganized? By the by, loved Basilica and am hoping for the addition of new levels someday!

    1. Hey, thanks! Well, the main difference is the new action based control method. Also, we've redesigned a few bits in most levels and touched up the graphics of the levels. Oh, and made the first world free to grab.

      Cheers and thanks again!

      Here's to the new levels!