Jul 11, 2013

Teasing, head-twisting and doing the Droidscape!

Woohoo! Another Droidscape: Basilica trailer has been unveiled and it's the aptly named Droidscape: Basilica Teaser Trailer, meant to tease you and just you, oh iOS-gaming reader and to let us also unveil our brand new game-page. Woohoo, indeed!

What's more, and besides the new screenshots and general info on the game, we also unveiled Kyttaro Games' experimental head-tracking tech, which had been under wraps for quite some time now. It's called HeadTwister and it's using the iPhone's (or iPad's) front-facing camera in order to track head-movement and translate it into in-game actions.

Oh, and do keep in mind that the graphics shown in the above trailer are not the final ones. Far from it... Here's a shiny new screenshot:


  1. I'm not exactly sure what is going on there but I might have to give it a go and find out. Consider me teased!