Sep 20, 2012

But is it dead yet? NO! The Deep Space bundle adds the complete Bagful of Wrong!

Gotta love them long blog-post titles.

The way Bundle In A Box: Deep Space is doing? Well, not so much really.

Despite trying to be different, properly indie, supportive of things that matter, nice and proponents of quality, we didn't apparently manage to attract the gaze of the greatest part of the gaming press. As for the wonderful people that covered the Deep Space let me just say thank you! You've been wonderful! Really, really, wonderful!

Anyway. Enough with that. Just wanted to let you know that our bundle has become even better (yes, it was actually possible) with the addition of Rob Fearon's amazing Bagfull of Wrong as a bundle-within-a-bundle! 

That's another ten games to accompany Death Ray Manta (already got a lovely review over on the illustrious EDGE), Space Giraffe, Dark Scavenger, Armalyte and, surely, you know the rest. As for them new games, please do allow me to copy&paste from our press release:  

Bagfull of Wrong, the winner of 2 Eurogamer Expo Stars, first and foremost contains arena shooter War Twat (for both PC and Mac and in all its varied guises); the same game that had Kieron Gillen admit: “This is a Minter shooter with the finesse removed and the volume turned to Bruce Forsyth screaming with the force of a nuclear explosion”.

 -Critically acclaimed shooter Squid Yes Not So Octopus (widely known as SYNSO). A sweet 1-4 minute arena shooter, offering psychedelic mayhem and neon chaos from the future that never was. SYNSO is playfully accompanied by SYNSO:CE and even more, weirder SYNSO editions.

-SYNSO: Squid Harder. The noisy follow-up to SYNSO. A sequel if you will, sporting even more squids with guns! Pink Robots! Devils from the 4th dimension! Shopping Trolleys and Lasers. Visual and aural overload! The star of the Eurogamer Expo 2009 Indie Games Arcade and an arena shooter like no other.

-Squid and Let Die: A diversion via Transversion. Solar like a fox. Collect the dots, the board is a deathtrap. Do not die. Hard and scary with a side order of Digitiser and Pac-Man tribute.

-FISHFISHBANGBANG: The one-button, fish-spinning, fish vs fish shoot-‘em-up that pays tribute to the almost forgotten Vectrex console.

-Ambiomat: The colorful one-switch digital toy.


Oh, and the original PlaySF issue and the exclusive Dark Scavenger Soundtrack have already been unlocked for everyone who has grabbed (or will do so) the bundle to enjoy.

If you could help us spread the word reader, that would be rather brilliant. Blog-post, reviews, facebookings, tweeterings, reddits, anything really will do. I even prepared a handy web-presskit to make things easier for you...


  1. Hey gnome, I grabbed it a couple of days and am looking forward to trying them out as soon as I get a bit of free time this week. Thanks for the heads up on the new additions.

    1. Thanks dear MadPlanet! Hope you enjoy it :)

  2. (elderly loads up his blunderbuss and heads off to find the reluctant game reviewers...)


  3. Hey gnome, I think there are a couple things that would really help sell the bundle. For one thing, all you do is list the names of the games involved and a tiny icon. You should be able to click on each game for a description of why you should want this game, since many people probably haven't even heard of some of them, and include some links to positive reviews/impressions and embed a trailer if one is available, or at least a screenshot or two.

    And speaking of trailers, you should make one for the entire bundle that chains together footage of each game and, again, gives a brief sentence or two about why you would want each game (and the bundle as a whole). Right now there simply isn't enough information on each game to let people know if they should buy the bundle or not, especially when you have so much competition from rival bundles with more prominence. I think you guys just aren't selling it on the main page enough.

    1. Whoa okay, clicking on them does stuff now! I swear that didn't happen before... either you guys work fast, or I wasn't working for me previously for some reason...

    2. Glad everything's sorted out. You are though definitely right about the trailer thing; not the easiest thing to do properly, but we know we should be working on it. Will try and have one next time!