Jun 1, 2012

It's A Ruff Life (Indie Dev Grant)

[Gnome's Lair and the Kyttaro Games blog are presenting the Indie Dev Grant nominees that Bundle In A Box will be funding. Voting for the indie dev that will get the grant will begin on Monday June 4.]

Stephen Sanders (Design/Script/Programming/Voices), Jake Singer (Color) and Elizabeth Drybread (Art) are working on It's A Ruff Life; a family friendly adventure that aims to entertain children and parents alike in the same way the old Humongous Entertainment adventures did.

It's all about a young puppy named Alfie on an adventure to find his tennis ball. The game will come with a lively cast of characters including Meekers the mouse, Nikita the kitty, and Colonel Butsnifs, owner of a giant doghouse next door to Alfie.

As for the Indie Dev Grant? Well and to quote, it "would allow us to buy better software and equipment in order to bring better quality voices and music to the game. It would allow us to hire a musician to score the game. Also, it would allow us to make making this game our job and thus give us more time to work on the game and shorten the production cycle in order to get it done faster".

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