May 4, 2012

Fracuum by Tyler Glaiel

Like a psychedelic version of the Atari 2600 Adventure on steroids, Fracuum is a brilliantly designed and utterly mind-bending maze game. It has you navigating a complex and expertly designed labyrinth that feels quite a bit like a zoomable fractal, while avoiding baddies and collecting points and power-ups. Play it and have your mind messed with.


  1. Just played this game on on Wednesday night. Still haven't found the one path to gain the entire lot of coins and the boss in the middle takes an obscene amount of hits to destroy.

    1. Me neither blue cousin :) It's a mind-f*ck.

    2. Have you taken out the boss in the middle yet?

    3. Notice that the Boss is covered in spikes, but that there are also two gaps in the spikes on his left- and right-hand side. You have to hit him there (the Boss will flash red if you do). It takes about twenty+ hits to take him out, and shouldn't be too hard, if you don't forget to run if you have to.

      On another note, to get all the coins you have to get around quite a bit. Someone else hinted that the game's maze is a classical one, so if you follow one wall for its whole length, it will take you to every room (and every coin) eventually.

    4. Thank you for the handy mini-walkthrough dear Frank.