Jan 9, 2012

Two wholesome issues of Adventure Lantern

As this past month has been quite odd, I didn't get the chance to let you know that Adventure Lantern, the only adventure gaming focused PDF magazine around, has managed and published two whole issues of itself. Sadly (and once again) without any help by me, but I sincerely hope this will soon change. Anyway. Head over to the magazine's site and download both of them for some excellent reviews including those of The Dig, Salambo, Murder in the Abbey and The Book of Unwritten Tales. The mag is of course free to grab.


  1. ...was kinda hopin you'd have some of the unsavoury editions left, but not to worry Thank you for the excellent Freebies :)

    (toddles off to the Adventure Lantern..)

  2. You are most welcome Elderly dear.

    (wears fedora; follows Elderly to Adventure Lantern)

  3. (Elderly gets this creepy feeling that he's being followed...)

    Should have phoned for a taxi, these dark alleyways are kinda scary....

  4. (changes fedora for feathered dancers outfit)

  5. (the eerie feeling persists..elderly shivers and continues to talk out loud to himself)

    Nope!, there's nothing there, it's just your nerves getting the better of you, don't look back, it's can't be very far now...

    (..a thick mist blows in from... erm... afar..)

  6. (quickly disguises himself into a gigantic turtle)



    (whispers): 't was only the wind, the wiiiiind... the one from afar...

  7. 8( What was that!!

    wild animals!!! Here!!! this can't be right!!!! perhaps I should step inside this conveniently placed Inn and imbibe some dutch courage. Yes that's a good idea, right just a few more steps, maybe they'l have some turtle soup as well..

    ...wish Gnome was here, I'm sure I owe him a warm drink and a slap up meal, oh well some other time, best get inside quickly....

  8. (gnome enters wearing a fedora and spitting feathers)

    Ah, a drink, yes, an excellent idea!