Jan 20, 2012

Delve Deeper's Gratis Grottos DLC

Lovely, indie, turn-based, dwarf-featuring, strategy-adventure board game thingy Delve Deeper has gotten itself a brand new DLC pack: Gratis Grotto. Happily, it's a free yet rather hefty offering that includes 10 new maps (among which you'll find the pretty brilliant sounding Gnome Shopping Mall) and 25 new relics. And it's been crafted by the game's fans. And you can grab it on Steam. And make merry.


  1. :( you've got your own shopping mall?


    I must have missed the invitation to the grand opening...

    (slinks off to Gnome's fridge to comfort himself...)

  2. Well, it's more of a distant cousin's really and I didn't get invited myself, but that's okay. At least its in the family.

    Oh, and do help yourself. The onion-soup, though cold, is amazing.

  3. (crying......)

    and me thinking you hadn't invited me...

    sniff... silly me...

    Damn but this onion soup is really fresh!!!