Nov 24, 2011

The Humble Introversion Bundle

Seeing as indie games bundles are showing up every other day and taking into consideration the fact that I'm not some sort of mega-blogging enterprise, I've decided to only mention the important ones. The ones I really care about, to be absolutely frank, and the latest Humble Bundle, the Humble Introversion Bundle, is indeed one such bundle. It's actually so great an offer and such a lovely chance to support one of the best and most ambitious indie developers around, I simply bought it despite owning each and every game on offer (in a shiny big box too).

Introversion, you see, is the first indie developer I was actually impressed by when ten years ago it released Uplink; the best and most atmospheric hacking game I've ever played. An amazingly intuitive affair that felt like proper hacking and one of the offerings bundled together in this pay-what-you-want offer.

You'll also be getting Darwinia, an innovative and brilliantly looking RTS set in the sentient pixel-world inside the computer of Sir Clive look-alike Dr. Sepulveda (that's two whole references for the price of one, mind), as well as its multiplayer sequel Multiwinia. Oh, yes, and Defcon too, and that's another excellent offering and a deceptively simple, yet incredibly deep, anti-war nuclear wargame.

Importantly, two prototypes are also thrown in for no extra charge. And though the Voxel Tech Demo is interesting but nothing ground-breaking, the Subversion City Generator is simply stunning. It's a procedural city generator that -on the fly- generates some truly realistic urban environments, that may be mostly random and very simple but do actually make geographic sense. It's such a shame that Subversion was put on hold...

What's more, should you chose to spend more than the average buyer you'll also be getting indie exploration classic Aquaria and that over-rated physics puzzler that is Crayon Physics Deluxe. As is customary, all the games are DRM-free, available for Windows, Mac and Linux, and even downloadable via Steam. So, uhm, here is the link again and here is the trailer:

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  1. I also played Uplink a decade ago, and since then I bought all of their games.
    Even bought a large poster of Darwinia when teh company was desperately seeking money and I guess they still are.
    So I'm putting $50 on this bundle.

    This company did great games, and 10 years later, Uplink is still great !
    It even works on my 64bits machine right-away now !

  2. Even if I wanted to, I really could agree more with you ZikZak. I too played Uplink and decade ago and have enjoyed every Introversion game so far ever since.

    Thanks for taking the time to comment!


  3. Gnome, did you by any chance buy this bundle? I somehow missed it and there was Dungeons of Dredmor (Mac version) in it, a game that I wanted to try before buying. If you do have the bundle and you got this game and you are not playing it - could you send me a copy to have a look at?

  4. Happy 2012 Barts. Truth is I've played and quite loved DoD, but I'll see what I can do my friend. Cheers!

  5. And happy 2012 to you too, Gnome!

    As for DoD, no worries, I'll just get Steam for Mac (finally...) and buy that little thingy. Was just checking. :)