Oct 10, 2011

Win Two Copies of AI War!

Having decided I will not wait any longer to give away the two unclaimed copies of AI War from that gnome-tastic competition, well, here's your chance. Just leave a comment on this very post and you might win yourself one (of two) truly impressive copy of one of the best indie strategy games ever. You have 'till Wednesday.

[UPDATE]: Check the comments and see if you've won!


  1. I decided against it the first time around but won't pass up a 2nd chance.

  2. One of the best indie strategy games ever? I'd like one copy :)

  3. I may as well give this is a shot. Thanks in advance (if I do get it, and thanks in advance on behalf of whoever does if I don't. I'm easy like that)

  4. I'm in!
    Interested in this game but yet haven't time to give it a try!

  5. Well, you get a cool linked article because that's how awesome you are Gnome:


  6. .(enters wearing a "don't pick me" t-shirt, seems slighly confused at the colour of Gnome.. leaves abruptly hugely perlplexed and lost for words..)

  7. And the winners are:


    Blue Gnome


    CL Lowery

    Congrats guys! Please do contact me for your codes.

    Oh, and thanks for the link Taak.

    What's wrong with my colour Elderly dear?

  8. (stick head in window...)

    ? two Gnomes 8(

    I'm heading to rehab...