Oct 18, 2011

Oceanspirit Dennis Fights!

I'm at a loss here. Oceanspirit Dennis is simply demented. Also a freeware, point-and-click, open source and pretty brilliant parody of JRPGs that will definitely put a smile on your tired face dear reader. What do you mean you are not tired? After the fight is over and qptain Nemo's music is done with your ear-canal, you most definitely will be. Oh, and this is a Ben 304 game (of sorts), that you can finish in five minutes, provided of course you first download it.


  1. I must clarify - I made this after trying to play Final Fantasy X the night before, and feel it is an accurate summary of how that experience left me feeling. Be warned!

    Thank you, kind Gnome, for your feature of this strange little joke game of mine, however!

  2. Well, your inspiration definitely shows! Oh, and it's alway a pleasure dear Ben.

  3. 8) (once again elderly stands transfixed by celebrity)

  4. 8o (stands transfixed by Elderly)

  5. Blog Narrator10/25/11, 1:14 AM

    Brilliant you guys! Thanks a bunch!

    Right, I'm outta here, try to make an honest yoyo and no one co-operates!


  6. No way to transfix that Narrator it seems...

  7. Narrator booth cleaner10/28/11, 12:44 AM

    Hi! :)

  8. Narrator booth cleaner10/31/11, 3:36 PM

    Men! merdre! the first sight of housework...

    (continues cleaning...)