Oct 4, 2011

Abandoned Times Magazine: The Second Coming

We all love retro games, we all love classic PC games, we all love gaming magazines, we all love free stuff, we all love the glorious treasures of Abandonia, yet we most definitely do not all live on a yellow submarine. A shame if you ask me, but in an obviously nonsensical manner. So, what is there to do? Download the latest issue of the excellent Abandonware Times Magazine I say! Download its 65 digital pages and feel free in that rare nostalgic way only a good read on Alone in the Dark can provide. Download it and read all about the Doom trilogy, ancient horror games, the intricacies of DOSbox, a Matt Barton interview and Elvira II.


  1. Nice. Issue #2? I didn't even realize Abandonia put out an issue #1. I'll definitely check it out. Thanks Gnome!

  2. A pleasure dear MadPlanet. Oh, and the first issue was released two years ago...

  3. (waves at Gnome, kicks Greek riot policeman...)

    :) that felt good

  4. Oh, that felt fantastic!


  5. shall we try it again? or are we lowering our standards?

    I mean we could kick some dog turds instead...

  6. No, no, no. It's riot policemen or nothing. These are the rules.

    (shows rulebook)

  7. (reads rulebook)

    ..ah the gonads, now I didn't think of that

    (kicks the riot policeman again....)

    you know that felt even better :)

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  8. I don't know. He probably didn't read the rules...

  9. Rules? like he'd stick to them anyway, sigh, this is no fun....

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