Sep 23, 2011

Tadah! Dino Quake!

This will be an incredibly short and focused post, carefully designed to let the Lair's sole and thus truly precious reader know that Dino Quake has been made available as a freeware, browser-based game. Done. Now, if you ever loved Bubble Bobble you'll love this one and its elegant mechanics too. Uhm, play it, will you? It does look lovely you know.


  1. Hello, it's sole reader here!
    Thanks for the link.
    Love BB, but find flash-based remakes a tiny bit fiddly.
    That said, this is the best BB clone I've played in a while!

  2. Ah, the reader!

    (stands in awe)

    Glad you enjoyed it my friend. Thought it was pretty lovely myself.


    8( is it any wonder you have only one reader...

    (..jumps through open window to avoid prehistoric stampede.)

  4. (jumps through window to save Elderly)

    A reader is a precious commodity these days!

  5. (staring down at the pavement some 12 inches below him..elderly begines to well up with tears...)

    ..thank you Gnome, no ones every saved my life before, nor as frequently as you have...:)

  6. A monarch always cares...

  7. hail Gnome :)
    ...anyway you've got more than one viewer, coulda sworn i saw a policeman looking in this very same window this morning...

  8. Oh. You sure about this?

    (frantically look around)

    Well, they wont get me alive, they wont.

    (arms banana-shooter)

  9. it's fine, he was off duty, dressed in a very smart black suit, had an earpiece in one ear and wore a lovely pair of black sunglasses...

    ..nothing to worry about at all :)

  10. Indeed. A black suit is always reassuring.



  11. :0 is my second name gamer?

    would love some..ages since I had some lemonade, that's a lovely treat.. thank you Gnome!!

    erm homemade?

  12. But of course. My new survival technique involves homegrown fruit and vegetables. Everything here is homemade. The html bits too. All organic and proper.

  13. ..well it's a tribute to your ingenuity, really oughta get rid of expensive and needless additives in my life!

    (sips lemonade...)

    ...but how am I going to grow my own tobacco...? could I live without the wubberternet? rarely watch my tv anymore, so could start there I suppose....

    (sips more lemonade...)

    .. you know Gnome, this lemonade is like nothing I've tasted before, and it's pure you say?... like those angels and web pages floating over my head... pretty....

    lol, neat trick the room spinning, how'd you do...


  14. (checks script)

    No, no, no, you are not supposed to thud until after the girls do the jingle.

    Besides it really was lemonade.



    I'll look into this!

  15. (takes out script.... stands up) sure...!?

    (protagonists huddle over their scripts, it is some time later....



    ..they discover the printer had omitted a page in elderly's scripts)

    Dunno Gnome, Should we take it from the top!? or just put it down to experience...? that lemonade though was pretty tasty.... got anymore?

  16. Right. Ignore the script.

    Here's the lemonade.

    Care for some vodka with it?

  17. and silly me thinking things couldn't get better... vodka most definitely, thank you Gnome :P