Sep 18, 2011

Hot off the presses: Adventure Lantern

It's a Sunday and I frankly don't have much time on Sundays, though admittedly I do have less time on Saturdays and it was only yesterday (most definitely a Saturday) the latest issue of everyone's favourite adventure gaming magazine Adventure Lantern was released. This can of course only mean one thing: you can download the September issue of Adventure Lantern by following this very lovely link. The issue features reviews of two Adam's Venture games, The Immortals, Dracula 2 and King's Quest remake The Silver Lining: What is Decreed Must Be. Have a fine read; I have to water the plants. 


  1. Thank you :) excellent as ever, if I had a gripe, well I have two, one it dosen't contain my favourite reviewer and second....

    (holds up burned hands..) :(

  2. A burning PDF? Or should I say a miracle?

    (dramatic music)

  3. (looks at burnt hands....)

    :( are all miracles this painful?

  4. Adventurers have claimed thus...

  5. ..verily then it is true...

    (holding by tears, elderly politely asks..)

    erm any olde burn lotion perchace

  6. Nope, but we've got honey, toothpaste and a doctor. The pain will be gone before you get the chance to hit the doc!

  7. ..(looks at his throbbing and blistered hands....)

    let me guess he's on holiday?

  8. Only a long weekend really. He's pretty well off you know and got this amazing bicycle and stuff and, and, you're not paying attention, are you?

  9. (shakes head, tears running down his face..heads to Gnome's fridge to stick he's hands in butter...)

  10. Knew it.

    There, there. Try this butter. It's good for the cholesterol.

  11. (uses Gnomes specially formulate Yak butter...)

    :) the pains gone... but I have an awful urge to....

    moooooo!.. sorry!...mooooo


  12. There, there.

    Try this shampoo now.

    (feeds Elderly some lovely grass)

  13. (Chews the grasss...several minutes of moooing later.....)


    that's so mooooooooch better!
    personally....oommooooo, I think everyooooooo should burn their hands..

    (chews some more grass....mooing subsides)