Aug 23, 2011

Eye^Game^Candy: Perihelion

Post-apocalyptic RPGs weren't particularly common on the Amiga, though I'm pretty sure that post-apocalyptic RPGs created by a team of three must have been as rare as, well, an incredibly rare thing. Perihelion, a 1993 Psygnosis release, was not only such a game, but  an incredibly polished and downright stunning RPG too, with striking 32-colour visuals, excellent atmosphere, interesting plot, unique mechanics and a lovely chiptune soundtrack. It has nowadays been sadly more or less forgotten, but one of the people behind it is kindly offering it as a free, ready-to-run download. Get it, play it.


  1. One of my all time favorites!

    Still remember the intro which set dark, ominous tone for the rest of the game with prophecy about end of the world.

    Perihelion was so atmospheric with excellent hand drawn graphics and one the best game soundtracks I ever heard.
    Some encounters with enemies scared me more than whole Dead Space: quiet ambient sound would suddenly explode in earphones, forcing me to pause playing and catch my breath. :)

    Gameplay was fresh and original, especially magic/psionic system. But it had one exploit, similar to Elder Scrolls "the more you use the skill, you get more skilled" system. It was possible to stun some enemies and then getting action points by moving around on tactical map. Unborn didn't had the chance. :)

    I still dream about remake of this game for PC (only higher res), along with first Megatraveller.

    Thank you so much for reminding me of this masterpiece!

  2. A true pleasure dear Petar. It was mostly part of my id it seems. Simply remembered the thing and how beautiful it was.

    And, yes, the music and gameplay are pretty brilliant too, as is the stunning intro.

    Thanks for taking the time to comment! Oh, and for reminding me of Megatraveller too. What an excellent CRPG that one was too...


  3. You gem finding beaut!! :)
    (hugs Gnome...downloads game....leaves)

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    Hope you enjoy it!


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  6. As soon as I saw the screenshots I thought, oh this is a Psygnosis game. So distinctive.

  7. (only slightly ignores narrator)

    Indeed dear Garrett. Distinctive, beautiful and a look that defined the Amiga.

  8. Psygnosis.... still all these years later and the word still makes me salivate with the promise of the unknown, laaaaarge glosssy boxes.. hours of escape...

    (borrows tissue from Gnome..)

    I'm drooling again aren't I?

  9. Only slightly dear, only slightly. Then again, Psygnosis boxes have always been drool-worthy.

  10. ....wait I've got a picture of one here somewhere....

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    ...oh dear I'm think I'm going to have a panic attack.... I need another psygnosis box art fix..

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