Aug 11, 2011

Asylum: a first and disturbing look

Horror adventure fans are in for a treat, wouldn't you agree dear reader? Of course you would, as you've most probably already watched the freshly released gameplay trailer of Asylum by Agustin Cordes and Senscape, and are presumably admiring the piece of concept art above. Now, if you'll excuse me for a moment, I'll just link to the developer's brand new site and post said trailer below; you know, for the misguided souls that have missed my original Asylum post and aren't following its development closely. Here it is then, in all its dark and brooding glory: 

Does look both impressive and incredibly atmospheric, doesn't it? And believe me when I say that actually playing the game -its very early BETA version to be precise- is even more impressive, what with the stunning graphics, dynamic sound, intuitive controls and fluid movement on offer. Asylum is without a doubt bound to be a worthy successor to the excellent Scratches horror point-and-clicker, a rare game that actually managed to scare me in a most disturbing and persistent way, while offering some tough yet fair puzzles and a deep plot. As for Asylum's plot and setting, well, you could read the following and rather disturbing (yes, again) press release to find out more:
It all began months ago: first a vague sense of uneasiness, then blackouts that would last for several minutes. Now, you are experiencing vivid hallucinations several times a day. They went from being short fragments, akin to fleeting dreams with no meaning whatsoever, to complete episodes with strange apparitions acting in front of you, having conversations and even in certain cases addressing you. A story is unfolding right there before your eyes, blending in with your daily life, growing in complexity and threatening your sanity. Again. 

The only possible explanation makes you feel nauseous. It has been years since you left the Hanwell Mental Institute, finally cured, and you would not have returned to it for anything in the world. It was a despicable place filled with hatred and pain; the inmates often more human than the doctors in charge. But there is no denying it, you are recognizing the faces in your visions, the stories are becoming too familiar and they are unbearable. Something terrible happened here and it has somehow affected you. It was dormant in your memories for years until today. You can no longer discern reality from the imaginary, and you will not be able to live in peace until you unravel the past and find out what happened to you. It is time to come back and face the horrors awaiting in the asylum.  
Decay surrounds you, dread around every corner. You feel imprisoned while traversing the endless hallways, yet you must keep striving to reach the truth. With every step you take, a dark menacing presence draws nearer. Unimaginable atrocities occurred between these walls... What have they done in here? What have they done to you? 
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  1. My most anticipated game along with Last Crown. I hope it will be as good as Scratches or Blackstone Chronicles was.

  2. Well, dear Anonymous, I do believe it will deliver. Seems brilliant so far.

  3. Thanks for the update. I had wondered about this game since those trailers last year.

  4. No more wondering then my dear friend. The thing is getting closer and closer to release every passing day, and it is looking stunning.

  5. (enters darkened blog, flicks light switch..? )

    Gnome! hey Gnome your lights aren't working!

    (Reads post, presses play button, delights in the eerie images of an unfamiliar mansion....)

    ..nice piano music, but don't see how this could be frighte.......YIKES!!!!!! 80

    (runs out of lair.....)

  6. (exits the bathroom, wearing a most summery robe)

    Elderly? Elderly!

    Bah, he's gone...

    (mops a bit of stale blood away)

  7. Amnesia the Dark Descent was the last game that really made me piss my pants. Just started Dead Space 2 as well, hope that does the trick too.
    And yes, Asylum does look grade A Freaky!

  8. Well, Adam, I wouldn't be overly optimistic when it comes to Dead Space 2 myself, but I also couldn't agree more on Amnesia. A fantastic and utterly horrifying game. From what I've seen Asylum should be even better...