Jul 29, 2011

VVVVVV: The Nasty Drop

As already mentioned, the excellent platformer that is VVVVVV by Terry Cavanagh now sports a lovely level editor. As mentioned elsewhere, I  thought it would be interesting to actually come up with something using said level editor, as it initially seemed incredibly easy and intuitive to use; shockingly, it actually was. Having grasped the absolute basics in mere minutes (with a little help from this tutorial), I came up with a most ambitious idea. Then, I decided to start off with something much simpler instead and after two days of tweaking The Nasty Drop was ready.

It's a humble and short level focusing on the delicate art of dropping oneself into a rather dangerous pit and, though by no means impressive, I do believe it should be a moderately enjoyable and quite interesting thing to try out, as I've attempted to go for a more, uhm, twitch-arcade feeling really. Beating it shouldn't take over 10 minutes. You can download the level from this place and -should you feel so inclined- leave your feedback either here or at the distractionware forums

To actually play The Nasty Drop, you'll have to copy the "drop.vvvvvv" file to your VVVVVV Documents folder; the one in your standard Documents folder, that is. Oh, and running it with the help of the shiny VVVVVV v.2.0. should be quite helpful too.

Hopefully, the more ambitious idea will soon follow, after of course a few problems of a technical and artistic nature have been successfully overcome.

[UPDATE]: Why don't you grab The Nasty Drop v.1.1.? It's right here.

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  1. I beat it. A nice first level, Gnome. What I noticed most, honestly, was the background designs. They were quite well-done. I enjoyed the level names as well, especially Oui and iii and so on.

    I have an idea for a level myself, so I'll try my hand at it as well. Also I can imagine a friendly level design competition might be fun, if there were enough Lair-goers willing to make their own levels.

  2. Thanks for trying it Ithmeer and thanks for the extremely kind words. Oh, and please do let me know when you get your level done.

    As for the competition, well, if 3-4 more pledge to join it, I'm sure I'll find an interesting trophy!

  3. Finished my level. It's rather short and not at all difficult. I did use a fair amount of scripting, though. Here's the link for those interested.

    A Walk in the Woods

  4. (enters.... takes a cold shower....tries to open door to Gnomes trophy room..

    (-Locked (use green key)...?!)

    (bookmarks gnomes level....slaps Gnome on the back)

    ..must go now... gotta get through UTE first, bless you and your impressive related links....

  5. @ Ithmeer: Grabbed it! It's lovely, it is!

    @ Elderly: Uhm, ahem. And the green key has been inactive for quite some time now. UTE...

  6. Especially liked what you did with the backgrounds mind.

  7. Today VVVVVV, tomorrow... the world!

  8. The world? Wooooow. I'll be such a benevolent monarch you know... I'd vote for gnome!

  9. Vote for Gnome that is....

  10. Well, you'd be quite the monarch too, you know. Your, uhm, posture is so regal.

  11. (looks into Gnome's full length mirror at his ravaged body, emaciated and shrunken after years in a Greek dungeon....)

    ..nah, ya need blue blood and stuff, nice idea though...

  12. No need for anything blue. Red blood will do for a socialist monarch; the novelty value is impressive too.

  13. ...wise Gnome you are..:)

    (elderly dares to contemplate a life of regal grandeur....)

    ?..your brewing that tea again arent' you?

  14. (produces a packet of biscuits boasting a nuclear hazard logo on the cover....)

    ...time for team said Zebedee :)