Jul 14, 2011

Adventure Lantern: the unexpected July issue

Well, it does seem that Adventure Lantern is back for good. Not only did my favourite adventure focused emag make a surprise appearance in June, it's now back with a new short and sweet issue in less than 30 days. I'm thoroughly impressed, I am. I've also sent in a review for the August issue and started preparing one more, just to express my enthusiasm; that's how gnomes function, you see. We get all worked up and enthusiastically write things. It's not a particularly nice sight, but, well, that's nature for you.

Anyway. On to the latest Adventure Lantern issue. It's freeware, comes in a wholesome pdf, is very well put together (as is traditional) and you can download it from the Adventure Lantern site. It comes with reviews of The Next Big Thing, Tomb of Zojir, The Fall Trilogy - Chapter 1, Digital: A Love Story and The Marionette.

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