May 4, 2011

Alphaland: the prequel of a beta

I really don't know what to write about the freshly released Alphaland; spoiling it for you would be rather nasty, but simply telling you to go on and give it a play wouldn't probably be enough. See? I do know you dear reader. You're such a distrustful being it utterly shocks me. Then again you should have gotten to know me better yourself after all those lovely days we spent together. I'd never waste my precious time writing about something boring or banal, would I? Just see the amount of negative reviews that made it here. Not that many, eh? 

Anyway, back to Alphaland, which you can immediately play (for free, just like the best things in life) in the comfort of your browser by clicking here. It's an obviously indie game by this blog's favourite Kyratzes: Jonas Kyratzes, the disturber of gaming peace and creator of such beautiful, unique, wild, genre-defying and groundbreaking games as You Shall Know The Truth, Phenomenon 32 and The Infinite Ocean. So, uhm, what should I tell you about it then? Well, I suppose I could let you know it's a great game (no, really), it could be characterized as an exploration-heavy platformer, it sports highly stylized graphics, it sounds wonderfully odd, it can at times be difficult, it's filled with surprises, it's very smart and is based on a truly brilliant concept. That should be enough. Now, go play Alphaland!

Oh, and did you know that Alphaland was this (this) close to not getting made? Well, it was. Guess we should all thank Terry Cavanagh for helping Jonas out then.

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