Mar 14, 2011

You Shall Support An Indie Gaming Artist

Between us, oh wise and generous reader, the truth is that Jonas Kyratzes is a truly rare breed of indie game developer and all around artistic type; the kind of breed that simply refuses to sell out or dumb down. And he's prolific too, having already given us -and by given I do really mean given in the most selfless of freeware ways- seven excellent, incredibly written, beautiful, meaningfully innovative, deeply satisfying and actually unique games, while simultaneously providing us with more than a few (digital) pages of prose and theory, the Wikileaks Stories project and some most intriguing short films. Oh, and he's even preparing, with the help of his wife Verena and composer Helen Trevillion, a beautiful and promising point-and-click adventure game: The Book of Living Magic. Here a making-of  video to inform you further on said project:

Thing is though, that Jonas, following a series of problems, really needs our help to keep being creative, as, quite obviously, money is still necessary for people to survive and properly indie art isn't as edible as the mainstream sort. Then again it's not as common either, but the few that support it have to be themselves supported. So, if you've enjoyed You Shall Know The Truth, Phenomenon 32, The Infinite Ocean or any other of Jonas' creations you should really consider answering his call for help and donating some of your earth money to the cause of quality gaming and proper interactive art. Just click your way over to and then click on that donate button. Just don't forget to try some excellent games while you're there. 


  1. So good to see you keeping up your sterling work my good man! Hope all is good with you my dear Gnome, and I trust your military trauma is now a dim and distant memory...

    Good to see you stiil bringing in the sunshine by the bucket load... The Lair and GTTOTG are looking marvellous!

  2. Well, dear Father, you just made me blush. But, I'm really glad you like the new Gnome's Lair. Can't wait to check if you've updated your blog too... Oh, and that trauma, well, yes, it's mostly gone, but I retain my passionate hatred of any officer and or pro-soldier.