Dec 20, 2010

Wikileaks Stories: The Website

Wikileaks Stories, the independent gaming initiative started by Gnome's Lair and Jonas Kyratzes, is picking up steam rapidly. Happily, it also got itself a glorious shiny new site; the aptly named Wikileaks Stories. Said site will function as a hub for all gamers and indie developers that are interested in games made for democracy and freedom, already sports a fine hand-picked selection of game making resources and of course all the latest news and Wikileaks Stories games. Oh, yes, there's a facebook Wikileaks Stories page too. Where? Why, right here. So, uhm, go on, make a game! Get creative and -while you are at it- be kind and help us spread the Wikileaks Stories word.

Moving on to related news, let me inform you that Molleindustria will have its game ready in a matter of days, whereas both my and Jonas' games are progressing nicely. Also more than a few -yet unannounced- game devs are working on their ideas, as are at least a couple of people who have never crafted a game before. Exciting, eh? Oh, and you can already play these interesting, Wikileaks related and obviously freeware offerings: Wikileaks: The Game, Uncle Sam vs Wikileaks and  Cablegate: The Game.

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  1. That's a great initiative, gnome, I totally respect and support what you're trying to achieve there. Cheers :)

  2. Nebacha! You're back! Lovely. And thanks mate :)