Sep 15, 2010

Toy Train Tycoon (Analog Version)

As promised some time ago, here I am letting you know all about the progress of the model/electric train diorama, that will hopefully sometime evolve into the official coffee table of the non-virtual, strictly analog and rather comfy version of Gnome's Lair. Well, progress has been made. The wooden basis of the thing has already arrived, the table's frame has been designed and ordered, a ton of miscellaneous stuff has been bought, ideas have been discussed and -finally- its actual construction has began. Things initially looked like this:

Slightly chaotic, but -trust me- it could have been worse. Anyway, after deciding that using all those train pieces would simply be over the top, the very WIP diorama has been arranged into what can only be described as a first draft:

And here's a zoomed in look at the station. Nice, innit? Watch this space for further developments. They wont be shocking or anything, but I sincerely do hope they'll be quite interesting for you game-loving people.

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  1. Hey, that's looking really good actually. You've managed to fit a lot of neat touches into such a small space. My own, way back in the day, was about four times that size but - apart from some custom made houses and an adorable herd of miniature sheep - it never graduated far beyond your first draft.

    Looking forward to the next update!

  2. This may be the physical thing, but still made me nostalgic for good old Transport Tycoon.

    You've made a lovely start, I will be most jealous of your superb coffee table/railway diorama when it is completed, I am sure!

    Do keep us updated!

  3. @ Rambo: Glad you like it so far Rambo. Though not as apparently huge as the one you had, I was sad to discover I could use half the rails and less than half the junctions I originally had due to sever space limitations.

    @ Ben 304: The title was not randomly chosen you know... Oh, and I will of course keep you updated and make sure you -at some point- have a coffee on the thing.

  4. You know it's funny, I've been thinking recently that my interest in video games comes from the same place as my interest in Lego as a kid.

  5. It's funny, but I think you've made a very interesting point. I'll look into it right after this hangover.

  6. I downloaded the image to show you how I would complicate the rails, but then gave up on the idea, because what resulted from it looked like a pentagram.

    I still have my old Legos and TT size trains down in the cellar of my parents' place. I might unearth them some day. Such posts actually tempt me to do it on the nearest occasion.

  7. You really should grab your old train stuff. The things are absolutely beautiful. I've had mine sitting in darkness for over 15 years which was a same. Really enjoy the train these days.

  8. There's just too many things crying for my attention to add another hobby on top of them. This is also a reason why I still keep my Legos in the basement, instead of playing with them.

  9. And let us not forget Warhammer. Ah, immortality and (proper) socialism would solve everything I believe.