Aug 19, 2010

Gaming shows: la crème de la crème

Watching videos online has always (well, relatively speaking) been a pleasant and deeply unproductive way to spend ones time, but, let's face it, not all of them are worthy of our delicate attention and keen eyesight, whereas only a few of them come with the consistency of a show, that will guarantee regular breaks from work. This, dear friends and comrades, is why I can't help but suggest you follow, watch and enjoy these, uhm, following gaming shows. They are the ones I'm currently into, and the ones that will make sure you a) appreciate gaming a bit more, b) smile a bit, c) work less, d) play more.

Matt Chat

When a smart, passionate and academically trained in the ways of gaming person approaches gaming history, this is what you get. An excellent retro-focused show showcasing classic games and interviewing legendary game creators.

Zero Punctuation

Our dear Yahtzee remains brilliant and hilarious as ever. You know him and you know what his deranged ZP reviews are all about. Still thought I'd remind you.

Spoony Experiment

The fact that bad movies and games deserve to be ridiculed (and, as a consequence, remembered) has apparently urged Spoony to, well, ridicule them, while also coming up with videos of a most varied nature. The humour is tops.

Adventure Game Reviews

Not a regular channel of video goodness, but the episodes and features that are there are some of the best the web has ever spawned. Provided you are into adventures and oldish PC games, that is.

DOS Nostalgia

Another top quality MS-DOS, retro gaming video thingy, with great presentation, attention to detail, a taste for quirky game selections and pretty self explanatory title. Also, very entertaining.


Another pretty popular choice, as Bytejacker is the best known indie game show around; and it's been around for more than 100 episodes, which frankly is impressive. Sports some truly odd and generally funny sketches too.

Classic Game Room

Classic show, new format. Covers both retro and new games and is professionally produced. Uhm, watch it!

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  1. no AVGN??? Even an honorary mention? We're talking about hilarious!! And definitely a bigger internet personality!

  2. Well dear(est) Dualnames, I'm afraid no. Though I do watch his videos and find them -at times- amusing, I generally despise his humour. Besides, Yahtzee is bigger in net fame... :P

  3. Wow! I'm so honored to have made your list! Thanks so much.

  4. And thank you for a fantastic show Matt.

  5. Oh man. More webTV shows to add to my list.

    Incidentally, have you ever watched the "Game Overthinker" ( I've been following him for awhile and I love his stuff.

  6. Thanks for the suggestion! Seems brilliant and already added to my shows to follow list. It's not that long apparently.

    Oh, and it seems I'll be doing a bit on the Shivah as soon as I get back from my vacation...

    Excellent game really. Gotta try more Wadjet Eye ones it seems...

  7. "Besides, Yahtzee is bigger in net fame... :P"

    Eh, not really. Not in terms of views, not in terms of ratings, not in terms of cult (see a power glove and tell me AVGN doesn't ring on your mind) :D

  8. Well, I'm pretty sure that Zero Punctuation is the ultimate internet gaming phenomenon, but it doesn't really matter. Thing is I really -really- don't like the Nerd's humour.