Jul 20, 2010

Remix XONG - Create Stuff

I haven't played XONG, I have never entered a creative competition and I definitely never remixed anything, but I just can't help entertaining the idea of entering the XONG Remix compo. After all, this is an open-source, freeware, procedurally generated puzzle-combat game, that can be edited and modded and changed and toyed with by non-programmers. And there's a competition without proper prizes attached to it too; a compo to act as our creative incentive. XONG looks very unique too. Oh, come on, do get interested!

[Update:] The competition has began in earnest and you can get your updates via the lisp games dev blog.


  1. Hey, that sounds brilliant actually! Perfect for any games students who want to test how different rules affect gameplay;-)

    I've just played it, not doing very well but it's quite addictive. Not sure if i'll have time to enter the contest, but i'll definitely try modding it at some point. Ooh and a Mac version too, don't I feel special;-)

  2. Of course you do dear, of course you do.

    Actually, tried it a bit myself, and I must agree its interesting. If I find the time, I'll give it a shot.

  3. Hi, as a follow-up I've written up an article on how Apple's iOS SDK terms prevent people doing the contest on iDevices like the iPhone. The article is over on my site. Thanks.