Jul 29, 2010

Fish Fish Bang Bang - The Preview

Aha! So, you never expected Rob Fearon would create an arena shooter using only one key... Well, it's quite understandable really, as nobody (ever) expects Rob to create an arena shooter using only one key. His chief weapon is, after all, surprise. Surprise and an incredible ability to create games that are immensely fun, weird and look as psychedelic as a cartoon version of the Yellow Submarine (a truly odd example admittedly, as the Yellow Submarine was quite a bit a cartoon). Oh, well...

Important thing is Fish Fish Bang Bang is -unexpectedly- almost here and you'll very soon be able to play its demo and (very soon after that) the complete version in all its indie glory. As for me, I did try the rather impressive early preview build of the thing and can confirm that, yes, this is a single-key arena shooter with surreal melt-o-vision graphics, outrageous sounds, addictive gameplay, unique mechanics and an almost fanatical devotion to the Pope. It also is fantastic little game, that can even play itself.

Find out more about Fish Fish Bang Bang over at the excellent Indiekombat, the equally excellent Bagfull of Wrong or, simply, by clicking here.

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