Jul 24, 2010

Adventure Lantern - August 2010 issue

Adventure gamers rejoice and grab the latest Adventure Lantern issue by being cunning and following this very link. Its 27 PDF pages are filled with the latest reviews, including those of Puzzle Agent by your truly, The Whispered World, Eternally Us, Black Mirror II and the newest (latest too; heh) Sam & Max episode. The magazine is -as has always been the case- absolutely free and the next issue is already being prepared for your reading and gaming pleasure. Enjoy and spread the word!


  1. Such a kind writeup of Eternally Us! How very pleasant it was to read, and good reviews on a number of other games that have interested me (and some I'd never heard of!) as well.


  2. Glad you enjoyed it dear Ben. As for the Eternally Us write-up I wouldn't call it kind. I'd call it objective really. Such a great game...

  3. Well I agree it is an amazing game.
    but I also agree on all of Ben's points; Interesting reads on games I have heard about and games I have not.

    excellent magazine, now i am going to read some of the older issues.
    and then maybe play some new games.

  4. Well, glad you enjoyed the issue Jonathon and even gladder you'll take a look into the past glories of Adventure Lantern. We did come up with some huge issues back then.

    Oh, and that's a great blog you got there. Cheers!