Jun 26, 2010

Subject E14 - The Final Session

It's not that the internet isn't the paradise of weird mails that will possibly make you rich, get you a PhD or the partner of your dreams, but Mr. Leonard Huntings' emails are my absolute favourite ones. They are always delightfully disturbing. Here's the latest one:

Dear friend...

I write this letter to you under a great deal of pressure. I have been hiding in the shadows, trying to tell to you the truth, but they found about it and now they are coming for me. The last recording that I recovered is now available and nothing was the same after it... Bertrand was the first and then came many others. Including myself...

You have to come to the Hanwell Mental Institute. I know this is happening to you as well...

This is the last you will hear from me...



  1. :) Awesome..!

    Check this out: http://www.commodoreusa.net/Commodore_Phoenix_computer.html

  2. Great design and does actually look a bit like a C64.

  3. Phew... finally, the site you have to visit has been fully revamped and is quite revealing:


    More on July 9!

  4. Well, it's certainly an improvement over the strange collection of clippings. My mom would be proud - delayed gratification, indeed.

    Though it remains frustratingly devoid of any sort of hint as to what the game is.

    *drumming fingers*

  5. Well, I can tell you that judging by that early job of yours, it will be a game you'll enjoy.

  6. Someone, somewhere, way too old to be doing so, is clapping and giggling in a chair this very moment.