Jun 24, 2010

Maziacs: The Boardgame

MaziacsFirst, there was Mazogs on the Sinclair ZX81. It was a dungeon crawler and it was great. Then, there was Maziacs for the ZX Spectrum. It was a dungeon crawler and it was great. Now, there is Maziacs: The Boardgame. It is a dungeon crawler and it is great. It also is absolutely free, provided of course you have a printer and some dice, and can be played with purely analog means.

The question though is whether Maziacs: The Boardgame, a boardgame based on a rather ancient and definitely simple CRPG, is worth your time, effort and paper. Well, I'm pretty sure it is. The rules are incredibly simple, smart, fun and versatile, and the game can be played both in its standard single-player mode and cooperatively. I'm actually pretty sure it could be run with a Game Master too. As for its aesthetics, simple as they are, they remain true to the original source and evoke a certain retro feel. Definitely worth a try. Download your PDF copies here.

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  1. I'm going to give this a try with my sibling, who's a huge pen-and-paper nerd. For whatever reason, we can never come out and admit the depths of our geekdom to our friends; secretly, separately, we thumb source books and game modules late at night - she under the covers with a flashlight to make certain not even God, Himself would notice.

    We'd probably be a much happier set of people we we to accept our lots in life.

  2. Hahaha... absolutely love the description, though I must admit I've never really felt something like that. After all its so easy explaining RPGs as some sort of performance art...

  3. Hmm, I haven't heard bout the game, but tabletop Spectrum game sounds cool.

    Alas, a friend of mine will leave a powerful PC at my place for the time of his contract abroad and I am afraid I will be consumed by all the recent triple A titles for a while.

  4. You poor, poor soul... Who'd care for 12AA and water effects when Maziacs can be just a print away?