Jun 19, 2010

Addressing Certain Disturbing Recordings

It's amazing what kind of letters a gaming blog will receive these dark days. Even mental institutes fell they have to contact us. Here's what I got today:
Dear Sirs,

I am writing this public letter on behalf of the Hanwell Mental Institute, in the hope that it will clarify a distressing and misleading situation that came to light at the beginning of June. A person by the name of "Leonard Huntings" has been offering a series of video recordings and attempting to pass them as actual archive material from the institute. The Internet website in question that I am referring to is located at http://www.youtube.com/user/lhuntings

We claim absolutely no connection to these outrageous videos. More so, we suspect this "Leonard Huntings" is a nickname used by the perpetrator, who has not the courage to use his real name. We never admitted patients by the names of Leonard Huntings or Bertrand Laroche, who seems to be subject of the videos. Thus, we are dismissing this stunt as nothing else than juvenile efforts to tarnish the good image of our institute. Authorities have been alerted and I trust the aforementioned Internet website will be disabled shortly.

I sincerely thank you for your time and I'm truly sorry to see you being bothered by this childish event.

Yours Truly,

Dr. Andrew H. Miller
Head Director


  1. Dr. Andrew H. Miller
    Head Director

    Maybe you should see if he will let you tour the place..?

    I will just wait here for your updates! :)

  2. Apparently this is part of a viral marketing campaign for Senscape Interactive's new horror adventure.

    From WHOIS information for hanwell.org:
    Name Server:NS2.HARONMEDIA.COM
    Name Server:NS1.HARONMEDIA.COM

    And Senscape Interactive also links to Haron Media: http://www.senscape.net/site/links.html

  3. So will I dear Deitrix. I'll just wait and try to earn a place in the tour.

    As for you dear Anonymous, I'm pretty sure Dr. Miller, will be most interested in your inquiries ;)

  4. Oh noes! There's spoilers in this comments thread!

  5. Thrice-blast! I'll have everyone spanked and sacked.

  6. @Anonymous

    Blast! It is a great discovery! I am convinced noone here would have had the idea to use whois command! What a clever hacking!!1

    @Hanwell thing

    It looks promising. I have not yet published these things on my blog, because I planned to do that when there's more of them and maybe some trailer - but I did watch it all with joy.

    Gotta love viral marketing thingies!

  7. Hahahahaha!

    Oh, and I'm pretty sure this will be fantastic.

  8. @ gnome - you still can't reveal anything about the game? This teasing stuff is actually getting to me a bit. You can't even tell us what *type* of game it is?!?

    Damn those NDAs! DAMN THEM I SAY!

  9. Well, I'd dare imply it would be close to what the members that formed Senscape are used to...