Apr 9, 2010

Senscape Interactive Unveiled

Good news everyone! And they are straight from Argentina and covered in creepy spider webs: the site of Senscape Interactive has just(-ish) gone live. No, really, follow this very imposing link and see for yourselves. The new company of Agustin Cordes (of Scratches and Risk Profile fame) and his band of merry adventurers is ready to let you know all about this -mostly adventure game focused- new development studio and its three upcoming releases. Yes, three, including the incredibly promising yet conveniently still unnamed Unnamable Project, the team is quite close to actually releasing. It will of course be a properly scary adventure. Even got its chilling teaser site ready.

What's more, the company logo looks fantastic. Quite reminiscent of a certain Infocom box actually. Oh, and here's the latest interview of Agustin Cordes. Was quite revealing at the time, mind.

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