Jan 18, 2010

The Special Effect Gamebase

Creating -and consequently playing- truly accessible games, games that everyone can enjoy, is not only a noble cause and a true designer's test, but also a very feasible goal. Especially now that the rather excellent, rich and particularly impressive Special Effect Gamebase has gone live, gathering and showcasing a wealth of information on game accessibility. Mind you, you can read more about it over @ Retro Remakes, where you will also find out what Special Effect is trying to achieve. Oh, and please do help spread the word...


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  2. I was only thinking a few days ago that "Best Accessible Game" was an example of an award that the IGF could add if they wanted to move away from the back-of-the-box marketing categories (graphics, technical etc.) they have at the moment.

  3. Meaning you should really get to discuss gaming with dear Mr. Fearon of Mersey and Retro Remakes. And then we could all storm IGF Towers!