Jan 13, 2010

Primitive Nightmare for the Dreamcast

Primitive Nightmare Dreamcast homebrewAncient readers of this very blog should remember a Cry of Xaz -later Encounter Zone- for the Sega Dreamcast. It was a very promising homebrew little shooter, with unique graphics and some truly interesting gameplay ideas, that at some point sadly seemed to vanish. Well, dear Sega-minded friends, cry no more, as Cry of Xaz has miraculously returned under the new name (and concept!) of Primitive Nightmare.

The game, finally developed and released by Fuseki Games, incorporates many elements of classic 80s coin-op shooters mixed with some strategic elements, while also sporting some unique visuals and sounds that will blow your mind. Primitive Nightmare runs -as all Dreamcast homebrew does- on unmodded consoles and can be easily downloaded for free from the Fuseki site, where you will also find instructions on running, playing and enjoying the thing. You can also watch a gameplay video here. As for people lacking a Dreamcast, emulation is your friend. Enjoy.

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