Jan 21, 2010


Interactive fiction, and thus quite obviously the humble text adventure, are about to receive the documentary they always deserved: Get Lamp, which I think I might have mentioned some time ago on this very blog, but you frankly just can't be sure these days. So, Get Lamp... Well, it seems like it will be an epic piece of work spanning two DVDs (housed in what will apparently be a truly luxuriant box), that will impressively play out like an interactive movie of sorts, and will be accompanied by a variety of shorter features and a DVD-ROM section filled with games, photos, scans etc. Expect -among other stuff- tons of info on Infocom & co and interviews from such adventure heroes as Scott Adams, Steve Meretzky and Brian Moriatry.

Get Lamp is the second documentary from Jason Scott of BBS Documentary fame, and you can find out more about it over at its official site. Oh, and do pre-order; I know I have. As for the trailer, here it is: