Dec 11, 2009

Walker and Silhouette: A unique piece of clickable interactive fiction

It seems that while I was moaning about boring, banal, trivial and marketing-led games, everyone's favourite Pacian proved that action is (admittedly at times) so much more important than trying to theorize; especially than trying to theorized while generally confused. Anyway, I digress. The point is Pacian released -via his (Text) Games for (Space) Crows site- the stunning piece of interactive fiction that is Walker & Silhouette, which -incidentally- you can and probably should grab from this place. It is of course a freeware offering.

What's more, Walker & Silhouette is brilliantly written, extremely engrossing, quite easy on genre newcomers, sports two characters, and can even be played with a mouse. Yes, no typing is required in order to enjoy this somewhat unsettling short story of the interactive variety, that, starting from a successfully grotesque introduction, soon evolves into a surreal detective story and makes some subtle but truly insightful political points.

Download and play it. And don't forget to delve deep into that "S" folder...

[Update]: You can save the squid, mind!

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  1. This is better than reading a book!
    Pretty fun actually.. I just got into the asylum, so I got a ways to go yet..

  2. And a few (well, three) achievements to unlock too!