Oct 30, 2009

Army Break 8: Great news I have.

Unfortunately said news have nothing to do with my army duty -news on that front aren't cause for celebration really- but should be of interest to the quality gaming public that tends to visit the halls of the now half empty Lair. It's all about news of the gaming, indie gaming and retro gaming kind then. Hope you don't mind about the fact that they really aren't the newest news around...

Anyway. Let's start with a biggie. Unity the versatile, powerful, and not ridiculously difficult to use game development tool has just gone freeware. Grab it here, study the excellent tutorials, think a bit, use your imagination and go create something.

For those that would like to enjoy their quality interactive fiction on the go, classic Spectrum developer Zenobi managed to cram its whole catalogue in one tiny DS cart. Follow the link scroll down and see for yourselves.

Further DS focused Speccy love comes from indie group Headsoft who have created the fabulous Manic Miner in the Lost Levels for the DS. The game sports 50 obscure and classic levels and has to be seen to be believed. Oh, and it's free. Grab it.

Staying on the retro-esque side of things, thought I'd remind everyone that the excellent third issue of Retroaction magazine has also been released. It costs nothing, looks brilliant and covers such diverse topics as Blade Runner, the Atari STe and retro fanzines.

Adventurers will be glad to know Machinarium has gotten itself released, whereas Tales of Monkey Island episode 4 will be with us in a matter of hours. Yes. It's the point-and-click brigade advancing once again.

The indie brigade on the other hand is organizing -with the help of TIG Source- the Assemblee competition. It's the first two-part compo I've ever seen!

Oh, and I got myself a Playfire profile too.


  1. There you are, stuck in God knows where, doing all that military crap, and you STILL find time to bestow loving gifts on your loyal readership! You rock my dear gnome, you truly do!

  2. Ah, you make me blush dear Father... You roll :)

  3. "the quality gaming public that tends to visit the halls of the now half empty Lair"

    *looks around anxiously*

    Oh man, I'm not classy enough for this joint...

  4. Of course you are dear, of course you are! Classy, sexy and space-faring.

  5. Must try out that new Manic Miner thingy - looks great and with a Ghostbusters tribute level... Sold! What, it's free? Brilliant. Expect something on this in Retroaction #4.

  6. Ahh, that's lovely dear Nreive.

  7. Unity looks fun :)

    Gotta find time to try it though.

  8. Ah, Unity seems to be more for 3D development, was hoping to see something like Torque2D though :)

  9. Glad to see your still kickin' Gnome!!

    You going to have some time to be back around for the holidays..?

    -Hope to talk to you soon!
    -Take care out there too!

  10. @ Roys: Think it can also do 2D. Not sure though yet.

    @ Deitrix: Well, I'm back now my friend! And should be around Xmas too. Cheers!

  11. Unity can do 2D but it's more of a 3D engine which makes it needlessly more complex for doing a 2D game.

    Thanks anyway :)