Jan 26, 2009

A word from our gloriously old-fashioned editor

Thousands perished, dozens of motherboards worked overtime and at least four Z80 processors despaired to the point of suicide while crowds of digital joysticks rioted wildly, but -finally- here are the words you wanted to here. Direct from the horse's mouth. Or, well, Retroaction's editor. Remember Retroaction? Now, if you'll excuse me I've got important and highly creative (well, almost) stuff to do.

Dear retrogamers,

A new digital retro games magazine, Retroaction, is about to launch; we are putting the final touches to issue one. Retroaction is an interactive PDF magazine featuring old and new games on retro platforms: Sinclair, Commodore, Amstrad, DOS, Arcade, Atari, Sega, Nintendo, NEC, MSX, Acorn, Apple, and more. We have been working on issue one for a few months now, and expect it completed within the next couple of weeks. The magazine will be available as a free PDF download and will be around 40mb (compressed) for around 62 pages.

The Retroaction team consists of a handful of writers from around the world. Our main goal is to cater to retro gamers all over the globe who are looking for a good balanced magazine; one that is easy to get hold of, has articles and reviews on new retro games, old classic ones, and those forgotten games lost in retro time.

Our website (http://www.retroactionmagazine.com/) is up and running, where you will find the home page (current issue box-out with magazine highlights and a link to the download page, as well as any major retro news), the magazine download section (with contents of the first issue), a page about some of the magazine's writers, a link to the magazine's forum, and a retrolinks page. So go to the website, look around (it'll only take a minute or so. No, really, it will), and pop into the forum.

Thanks for your time,
Neil Reive
Editor, Designer


  1. I can't wait for this magazine to come out. Hopefully it will satisfy all of my retro gaming needs (more likely it will only make them worse).

  2. I love these downloadable mags!
    I have a ton dealing with the art industry and will be nice to mix in some gaming bits!

  3. Poor Father K is in the Hospital!

  4. Father in the hospital. Oh fuck. Just hope everything is ok and he'll be back home soon. Which of course he will!

    Oh, and I'm really glad you dear Ithmeer and Deitrix are actually interested in the mag. It should turn out fantastic, really. Cheers!

  5. At last...a blast from the past. I'm a retro gamer despite the fact I've barely lived the good gaming era.. Ah..old times..

  6. Then again those new times' Internet thingy is quite nice admittedly ;) Now, back to retro gaming dear Dualnames!