Dec 20, 2008

New, indie, shiny, yet so very retro

Ahh, an almost proper post for an almost fully revived blog. Feels quite nice you know. Even more so when it's a post about them three latest additions to what can only be described as the Gnome's Lair link pool, presented in stirct order of discovery, exactly as any retro indie blog should do.

So, let's start with Matty's aptly named Matty on Games, shall we? It is after all a relatively young and excellently written blog on indie games, retro games, and -maybe- some other stuff too. Other stuff, that is, that happily range from a review of a truly obscure Atari ST game on grandads to Willy's Weirdy Nightmare. Oh, and ZX Spectrum and strategy gaming lovers will also find more than enough articles to cater to their (very special indeed) needs.

The Joy of Sticks, on the other hand, is a retro gaming blog with a strong indie side and an unhealthy obsession with all things Atari ST, that sports some excellent writing. It is thus totally dissimilar to Matty's effort, despite also being the home of the utterly impressive Great Atari ST Game Survey; a definitve top 50 ST games list as voted over four of the better gaming forums.

Now, to round things up and add a splash of variety to your online reading, you should also, oh wise reader, visit Just One More Game too. It is, you see, a blog, it has a strong retro side, doesn't ignore the odd indie offering, finds coin-ops amusing and is shockingly enough truly well written. Game on and some Retro Remakes 08 coverage seem like the places to start.


  1. Gnome, glad to see that you're back blogging again!

    Those are good resources to brush up on some retro reading.

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  3. Thanks for the writeup Gnome!
    I'll do my best to shock you some more in future. :-)

  4. Hey, Ross. Nice to see you still around mate. Guess I'll have a stroll over to your place now...

    Oh please do Justonemoregame dear. Please do :)

  5. Beautiful job on the linkies..!

    How long did that take you..?
    They are all so tidy and perfectly placed! I would expect no less!

  6. Tidy? Perfectly placed? Here? I'm shocked my friend!