Sep 24, 2007

And Now For Some Adventure Game Speedruns

Really, why would anyone want to rush through an adventure or any other game for that matter? Games do cost money you know and unfortunately money doesn't grow on trees... Oh, I see, I see. You terrorist pirates! Your lives are forfeit! I mean how could you? Don't you know them poor EA, Lucasarts & Nintendo executives have wives, an army of girlfriends and 2 Ferraris to support? Tsk, tsk, heartless bastards...

Anyway. To see Sam & Max Hit the Road impressively beaten in 44 minutes, Monkey Island in 39 minutes and a variety of other particularly impressive adventure speedruns (including a DOTT one) have a look at the aptly named Adventure Speedruns site. It will most probably cheer you up.

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  2. (Sets impressive new Comment response and delete time!!!)

    pant! pant!

  3. ... impressive huh!... here watch this...

    (sets stick of dynamite under kettle, lights fuse, stands back with tea bag in empty cup...BOOOOOM!!...

    hands gnome boiling hot cup of tea...... well?


    (elderly's hand falls off....)

  4. *Picks up Elderly's hand, scratches his arse with it, then realises how very inappropriate that is...*

    I love speed runs... I remember posting one in that most under loved and not posted on blogs the Master System Junkyard...

  5. (grabs a hand and some tea)

    Wow! Insta-soup! You're a genious!

    NOooooooooooo, don't do that ever again Father. People are eating this stuff you know... Hmmm, the SMS Junkyard... must get back to it... I'll try, I really will.

  6. (stares at stump, stares at FK, stares at gnome devouring the missing appendage) worries i have a spare...

    (holds up other hand....)

  7. Could you put it in the fridge dear?

  8. the fridge?..

    sure i can put it in the fridge...

    (picks up severed hand...puts it in fridge... returns...)

    right now what!!!

  9. Now, you'll have to clap and the doctor wizard will appear.

  10. (attempts to clap.....) erm hang on (... goes to retrieve hand, stops...) why can't things in life be easier....

  11. Well, that's life for you... May I suggest googling "That's Death" as was sung by Eric Idle?

  12. quite excellent Gnome and the highligh of my day.. they dont' make game openings like that anymore...

  13. Hehe, glad you liked it... Alas... that's all the Eric Idle we'll get in games. That and a parrot's voice in Starship Titanic that is.