Aug 20, 2007

Kudos Rock Legend

Kudos, a pretty brilliant board game-ish life sim for the PC and a game I happily (yet wisely and not properly dressed) reviewed less than a year ago, must have been quite the well-deserved indie hit. Its sequel, you see, none other than Kudos Rock Legend, has already been released and, what's more, chances are it'll probably do as well, as this game is better, deeper and definitely way more interesting than your average band management game.

Eurogamer even went as far as awarding Kudos Rock Legend a rather prestigious 7/10 and though I have only played the demo, I must admit the game really feels better than the original, provided of course you don't a) hate music b) can't see why Guitar Hero isn't enough, which definitely isn't the case with me. Instead, I just enjoyed the added depth, appropriate music creation mini-games, extra polish and improved visual style.

Now, to try the obviously free Kudos Rock Star demo yourselves better follow this link, whereas to actually grab a full copy click here. Oh, and the official site might interest you too.

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  1. long live indie games... hurray!!! hip hip... no i got that wrong.. excuse me... (reworks slogan....)

    hip hip oray ho... jeez.. bear with me....

    (several hours later....)


  2. Oh no, another game recommendation from Mr Gnome... gotta check it out then :)

  3. (wakes Elderly and gives him a lovely sedative-tequila cocktail)

    Tell me if you liked it Roys!

  4. I always fancied being a rockstar! Still waiting to be discovered...

    *Several hours later*

    ...Still waiting

  5. That game is stunning! I've even got an avatar which looks like my Hitman avatar! My band is called Bitch F**ker! I rock! HA! :) :)

  6. why thanks Gnome, that tastes.....


  7. I downloaded it, and three hours later, I want to cry out like Charleton Heston at the end of Planet of the Apes.

    That was one of the most addictive games I've played in a loooong time. It just built in that "okay, just one more gig" factor.

    My biggest complaint: the lack of music! I mean, if nothing else, let us select our own mp3s to play in the background.

  8. Should I arrange for a Bitch F*cker concert in the Olympic Stadium then, Father? Whom would you like to support you? Got James available...

    (injects Elderly with a random selection of sedatives and opium-based happy stuff)

    Fair point, oh Guttertalk the fair. Mp3s -at least- should have been supported, but I guess such a thing could be easily remedied with a patch. Still, quite a little game...

  9. I also noticed that because I only practiced 1-2 times a week (writing one song, listening for incluence, and promoting the other days . . . oh, and resting--I often had to rest 2-3 days after a big gig), my avatar's abilities dropped below 20%, even down to 10.2% at one point.

    I was tired by that point so I wasn't getting much out of practicing.

    But the thing is I never noticed a change in the band because my skills were so much lower than everyone else's, especially since I was on vocals. I kept expecting them to dump me at any moment.

    Of course, the depraved part of me kept wondering . . . where's the sex, drugs, and booze?

    I also wasn't sure if reviews of performances and CDs were affecting the band. Maybe it was a part of the motivation algorithm but I didn't see any overt references.

    Just when i think I'm done with PC gaming, they pull me back in.

  10. Just tried the demo last night. Couldn't stop playing it until the demo ended.

    Loved it except for the practicing part - I just have a sieve-like short-term memory :(

  11. Hehe, guttertalk, PC gaming after all is definitely here to stay. You just can't avoid it. Your PC is forfeit and Kudos is just the beginning. All you have to do right now is sell your house, grab a new graphics and go for Bioshock. Oh, and apparently KRB aint the most difficult of games, really.

    Elderly dear... ;)

    Ah! Glad you loved it Roys! I knew you were a man of great taste! Can't say I was elated with the mini games, but they seemed like decent fun. Then again I loved the Simon bits in Fahrenheit.