May 22, 2007

A short & brilliant Sinclair ZX Spectrum documentary

Searching YouTube for retro content is way more satisfying than looking for renegade porn videos and it can eventually lead your average pr0nless gnome to the Your Sinclair Rock 'n' Roll Years video, the one I've already posted above. It's a brief history and description of the classic ZX Spectrum 8-bit computer apparently.

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    What a kick ass little computer.

    It's amazing what people were able to do on early hardware.

    It's a shame how when you remove all the bells and whistles we haven't really gone that far...

  2. Ah, but you must absolutely try Jet Set Willy, Skool Daze and Manic Miner... Then you'll be quite sure as to the lack of progress. Well, sort of.

  3. Wow! That was indeed informative :)

    Now...Where did I put my Atari 2600 again?

  4. I won't watch the apprentice anymore but by god he knew how to make and market a console.... excellent piece...

    (emails gnome renegade yutube pron links....) that'll give you more time to find retro gems...

  5. I wish youtube had pron...

  6. "I wish youtube had porn..."

    Can you find somethin' better than this!?

  7. Oh, come on Nikica, both me and Joe just had an idea, and since the Internet is for porn, well... :)

    Glad you enjoyed the video Mr. Elderly. The Apprentice, huh? Never watched it or anything like that really. Always preferred watching a Spectrum.

    There, there it is Gamer C!

  8. It was, and actually is, a cult machine here in Russia. All my friends had one - though different "brands". There were many Russian clones - Delta-C, Dubna. Also Pentagon, which had 128K of memory, supported floppy disks and was especially loved by game developers.
    have a look at this nice article (in Russian, but it has pictures and some links) to see what they did:

    I especially liked the Abe's Oddysee remake called Abe's Mission - Escape. Here's a short video I recorded of it:

    Of course, there were not only ports, but original works as well. With its built-in Basic, Spectrum just encouraged creativity.

  9. (relaxes, drinks some tequila)

    (a bit of vodka too)

    (dash of whiskey added)

    Chentzilla, this is just amazing. I mean, I never thought a Spectrum could be so impressive. And all those impressive ports... Doom? Civ? Amazing , really amazing... Think you could still find one of those machines in Russia?

    Now, excuse me, I'm off to find an emulator... Oh, and, the Spectrum is quite the cult machine over here too... Almost on par with the Amiga.

  10. There is a 'porn' version of YouTube actually, although I forget it's name.

    Yes, that's the extent of what I can add to this conversation ;-)

  11. I firmly believe it's called something along the lines of PornoTube... Not 100% sure either.

  12. You know you want to go and check Gnome....


  13. Well, a gnome's got to do what a gnome's got to do...

  14. Stunning video montage... ah! the Spectrum... wasn't there a keyboard that you could actually put over the whole computer? Hungry Horace skiing... Heart warming stuff... And the music!
    J Geils Band, Adam and The Ants, Pigbag! great post Gnome!

  15. Thank you Father. Can't say I've heard of this Speccy keyboard, but it sounds most intriguing... BTW, love the J Geils Band meself quite a bit...

    Come on feel the noise!

  16. is kinda' a porny youtube sorta' place...

    Horny little Gnomes anyway..!

  17. (28 hrs later, elderly returns, slightly bedraggled and pale.....wrists wrapped with support bandages)

    ...nope no pron on youtube......