Mar 4, 2007

A free round of Contra

Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A... Contra, the definitive late 80s game that has already graced countless arcades and NES/Famicom consoles worldwide, has now taken the crucial freeware web-thingy step. Simply follow this link to Contra 20th Anniversary Edition and enjoy some brilliantly remade NES Contra levels online. Just don't try using any old cheats... They probably wouldn't work.

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  1. free game number 4,233, thats it Im quitting work....

  2. Guess Gnome is the first person to actually create a successful time machine.
    Oh how this takes me back...

  3. No, no, don't quit. Think of your 12 kids, 3 wives and 2 mistresses. You just can't do it.

    (hands Elderly hard-hat and shovel and sends off to mine stuff)

    Nikolas, it's a gnome, not a person, technically. :) Glad you enjoy the retro thing, too.

  4. Bah, who needs codes. I played this game 7 times through start to finish with continuing "2nd quests" without suing any codes.

    PS, Contra rocks hard. Best game EVER (fact).

  5. (gnome applauds r.j. on his impressive gaming credentials)

    A great game indeed. Always thought of it as quite a bastard to beat, really...

  6. hi hoooooo

    hi hooooo

    hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work i go,
    with a shovle and a ....

    the pick.. i can't work without a pick.. where's me pick....?

  7. Dont know really. It was there, resting on that cart yesterday... Weird... Perhaps, something ominous from the mine/dungeon took it?

  8. ..they'd never take my pick? would they? i mean i can't work without my pick... if i cant' work i can't eat, if i dont eat i'll die... so your saying someone in the nearby mine is trying to kill me....?

    alright Gnome give me the key to the Sword cabinet.. someones going to pay..... erm well give me my pick back..... varmints i'll have their gizzards....

  9. Ok. Here. Just make sure you get the +2 longsword. Oh, and better wear the enchanted chanmail of the gay bard and grab a handful of healing scrolls too...

    Anything heartless enough to take a man's working pick must be deadly.

  10. (stuffing healing scrolls down his pink codpiece...elderly ponders)

    ...which is the +2 sword again...

  11. The one next to the vorpal blade.