Mar 21, 2007

Decker's Delight Links (21.Mar.07)

Deckers are a capricious lot. They also are currently on strike, mainly due to the latest Shadowrun game being just another FPS. Then again, they are still all into hand-picking gaming links and trying to be regular about it too.
Warren Spector, the master interactive storyteller and daddy of Deus Ex, got himself all interviewed in the most interesting of ways. Obviously and almost customarily over @ Gamasutra.

Despite despising banks and consequently not caring much for their commercials, this one is so GTA a video, I simply couldn't resist. Nice one Kontraband.

As for The Elderly Gamer, the most traditional figure of Decker's Delight Links, well, he and a leprechaun conjured a nice free games list featuring the Top 10 Dugg Flash Games. Raitendo and Cost of Life are the ones gnomes enjoyed the most, mind you.

The ultimate free and indy games source, the illustrious Independent Gaming blog, presented the top 50 freeware shmups of 2006 (that's shoot 'em ups for us people over 25). Surely a blogging magnum opus.

Turn-based cheap-ass gamers without an itchy trigger finger on the other hand, have The Download Munkey to thank for discovering the frankly amazing Vantage Master Online. It's a freeware strategy game in a fantasy setting, it is.

Game Almighty, a smart gaming site with a lovely comic book feel, went into a PC gaming retro berserker mood (mode, even) and came up with an excellent Stunt Island feature, detailing how this fondly remembered flight-sim was a predecessor to movie making using video games.

Game Set Watch, or to be more precise the brilliant Game Mag Weaseling column of GSW, was kind enough to bring us the Mag of the Future. The absolute gaming magazine fetishist's wet dream.

Siliconera, dear Siliconera, found out a little something on Capcom's Wii project Treasure Hunter Z. Wanna see?

Wanna see a severe case of Sega Dreamcast & Saturn rebirth, then?It's The Saturn Junkyard reporting from the distant shores of PS2.

More Dreamcast pr0n is to be found over at bits bytes pixels & sprites, where Dan rants on about the Typing of the Dead. There's a lovely video of the game too showcasing its immense underestimation of the average keyboard's maiming capabilities.

The almost traditional Quick Links:

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  1. Hey gnome, thanks for the link to Vantage Online. Much appreciated :)

  2. Nice little collection of links there Gnome! thanks for the mention!!!!!

    Am due one of those lovely Easter breaks soon so I should be able to get back up to full blogging capacity!

  3. Always a pleasure linking to you guys... Full blogging capacity... Don't think I'll have time for this anytime soon.

  4. thank you (hugs Gnome really tightly.......

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    hope i haven't cracked anything....

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