Mar 17, 2007

Cutting Edge: Unreal Tournament mods

Let's get one thing out of the way: I know Unreal Tournament can no longer be considered cutting edge. It's so obvious an exploited Third World farmer would notice, which means cutting edge is only used as a form of light irony and is thus preferably read while subtly smiling. Why do I mention this? Well, just so nobody gets to comment simply to point out UT is not cutting edge. We're quite aware of the fact, really.

That said, let me present you with some nice (and customarily freeware) mods that will hopefully breathe new life into this brilliant FPS of yore. They are absolutely cutting edge, mind you...

Nali Chronicles, an old favorite and the first mod presented here, is one of those rare single player UT mods featuring an intricate and quite interesting story. You are cast as a Nali mage destined to fulfil an ancient prophecy, aided only by a brand new HUD, lots of new weapons and a handy selection of spells. Find out the rest and download said mod from its official website.

Spatial Fear Prologue, another one of them seemingly not so rare single player UT modifications, features less Nalis but more creepy space-stations. It also totally remakes Unreal Tournament into something more suitable for the select few people that enjoyed Event Horizon, by wisely using a radically different HUD, new textures, new character models, new everything. Probably the best single player mod ever. Get it here.

Regarding multiplayer mods, Infiltration should be of interest to the tormented souls that enjoy realistic squad based combat, as -allegedly- Infiltration is an immersion into realism, driven by intense military combat, in a squad-based, mission-oriented shooter. Each of those missions brings the distinctive taste of multifaceted warfare in any environment you can imagine. To download the mod visit the Infiltration website.

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  1. Wow! You still play the original UT? Time to prepare for UT3 :)

    UT2004 was my favourite of the three. Onslaught Mode is something that keeps me from going back to UT :)

  2. Well, can't say no to a game with good mods y'know... Quite a cheap bastard of a gnome really.

    Oh, and surely UT3 will never manage anything more than 5 fps on my current PC.

  3. didnt someone do 40K mod for Unreal ?

  4. Don't really know, but now I'll definitely check it out...

  5. Had some good fun with UT.
    Now I'll have some more good fun whit UT.

  6. ...can't find my system shock cd for love or money.. and now i have to look for my UT disc.. looks like i'll have to pay a visit to the cellar..

    (creaking door sound.....)

  7. i seriously love the amazing amount of mods for UT and the half life series.

  8. Egyptoid, I did find a Wh40k mod, but it looked pretty dire...

    Thanks JJoe, oh and keep the fun alive Nikola :)

    Mr Elderly, don't go to the cellar. Here, take this cd. Isn't it better, now? Good.

  9. ...for me..? you serious...? wow.... i can't believe it.... thank you....

    (heads home to put cd in pc ....) this is going to be brilliant....

    (enters an hour later covered in soot and smelling of smoke....)

    cough!... i think i picked up the wrong cd...


  10. What happened?

    Oh dear...

  11. Unrael Tournament? For Dreamcast? I just got it! Do I win a prize?

  12. ...a mission impossible CD, self destructed before i could eject it.........

  13. could be worse... (thinks about a situation that could be worse..... sits down...thinks some more...)

    this could take some time.....

  14. Ok, I'll fix my soup then. care for some?