Mar 24, 2007

Adventure Radio Webradio

Adventure Europe might be a semi-defunct (partly due to its members developing games) video gaming site with point and click obsessions, but it did manage to revive the excellent Adventure Radio online radio thingy nonetheless. Tune in by following this link and all the music, starting from the Sierra/Lucasarts to the contemporary episodic Sam and Max era, will stream right through your shitty PC speakers and into your brain.

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  1. (downloads pls file.... the file and the elderly gamer stare at each for a while, then elderly heads back to Gnomes....)

    er.. .what do i do with the pls file?

  2. Oh, well, you open it with an mp3 player, you do...

  3. a tin opener won't work... okay her goes...... stand back just in case.......

  4. (stands back)


    (everything sort of goes web 2.0)

  5. extraordinary... i neve knew what to do with these before.. now my winamp is looking for more... thank you you wondrous creature you.....

  6. Most welcome you wondrous human you...