Feb 20, 2007

Fahrenheit Postmortem

Fahrenheit (a.k.a. Indigo Prophecy in the US) is one of those extremely rare and ambitious games, that, despite obvious flaws, try to actually evolve the video-gaming medium and revolutionize interactive story-telling, while simultaneously remaining interesting and fun to play. Intrigued? Good. Off to Gamasutra to read a brilliant Indigo Prophecy Postmortem then. Oh, and if you're wondering what one of them postmortems is, well just know the term isn't used in its most literal of senses...

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  1. I heard from several friends how excellent Indigo Prophecy was, in spite of its flaws. A couple of game developers I know thought highly of it. I hemmed and hawed on it for a couple of reasons, besides the ending, which I was told was really a letdown:

    + the violence was pretty graphic.
    + I wasn't sure which platform to play it on: the PC or PS2. (Still not clear on any differences between the platforms.)

    I regret I let this one fall off my game list. Thanks for reminding me.

  2. One of the few games I started and finished, I can attest to it's innovative, but oh so short lived brilliance, the ending was indeed cra.... ah dissapointing...

  3. Definitely a game in my oh so long "Finished games" list.
    And a good one I might add, but alas I entirely agree whit all present about the ending...

  4. Always glad to remind you stuff dear guttertalk, but really you have to try this one. Why don't you just download a demo? Oh, and it's not too violent really and definitely not graphic. If you can handle the intro scene, then you can handle everything else..

    Elderly dear, glad you're eloquent as ever. Thankfully, I'm healthy enough to appreciate it... BTW, is Fahrenheit compatible with the 360?

    Nikola, you're quite an all-around gamer, aren't you buddy? I mean from Role Master to Fahrenheit? Woow...

  5. You'd be surprised mate. Here, let me show you.

    (Searches his coat for a while)

    It's in here somewhere...
    ... Aha !

    (Pulls out a dusty old scroll)

    It's been a while...

    (Blows of dust whit a single strong breath)

    *Cough*, sorry.

    Now, Fahrenheit, where is the little bugger...
    Need to get this alphabetised. Hmm, pull up a chair, this may take a while.


  6. Sure. If it's Fahrenheit you're looking for though, well, it's over there matey...

  7. Ohh.
    Indeed it is.

    (a low pitched metallic click)

    Just remembered something.

    (goes another 8-12 inches down the scroll to the listings end)


    There! :)

  8. Oh, my...


    (Nicola turns to look, gnome disappears)

  9. Well, I guess some things never change...

    (turns around and goes home depressed)

  10. Wow I've never heard of this... and it's an easy one to complete eh?... *Father Krishna adjusts straps on his straight jacket, twitches and bats off non-existent zombie... then zombies off a non existant bat* Its the Code you see... Twitch, twitch... Veronica... Twitch... Evil...

  11. Fahrenheit is not listed as compatible with 360....

    which means i'll never hear the funky velvet voice of Teddy Predergast and love TKO on my 360...

    (throws himself down on floor starts screaming and kicking.......)

  12. A side note on this strange game!

    Indio prophecy has been reduced to clearance price at Kmarts in the US, So even if it is NOT marked clearance price, chances are if you see a copy in KMART it will ring up for a clearance price of $4.

    I picked up 2 copies and sold one. I have not played it yet.

    However you might not be able to get a copy this late in the game.

    It might be worth a shot to check out your local kmart though.

  13. (gives Elderly a nice pill. Then another.)

    Those Microsoft bastards... Not making sure Fahrenheit gets 360 compatibility... Tsk, tsk.

    Father, stop with the zombie thing and have a look at Fahrenheit. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

    Clearance price, you say Caleb? Wow, I paied 50 euros for this one... Still, it was worth it. Anyway, thanks for the tip...

  14. (elderly attempts to swim across the carpet and up the sitting room wall....)

  15. Hehe, aren't the effects brilliant?

  16. I like that artwork. Very Hotel dusk-y.

  17. Oh, it's much deeper really. More adult too...

  18. (attempts to sky dive from the bookshelf......)

  19. (moves a bit to the left)

  20. ...(changes his mind... paraglides over Gomes head and lands on the couch..... hops on back of couch and readies his horse for the starting gate......)

  21. Where was the horse hiding all this time?

  22. (pulls back on the horses reins, bring the animal to a stop...(pats the side of the couch.....)

    whoa dobbin......

    ..it wasn't hiding, it was here all the time, just never saw it till now....

  23. Why's it called Dobbin? I mean, what kind of name is this? Damn stalking horse... surely escaped a Cicciolina movie...