Jan 6, 2007

Vintage Board Game Dwarfs

Dwarfstar Games, a former division of Heritage USA, that was recently (as in 2003) saved from ultimate financial doom by Reaper Miniatures, was quite the board game creator back in the early 80s. They released solo-games, micro-games, epic-games, goblin-games, strategy-games, even 2-player games (!), with such lovely 80s names as Barbarian Prince, Dragon Rage, Goblin, Demonlord or Star Smuggler. Good news is you can download all these games for free, print them out and play them. Or just browse through their PDF manuals, tokens and maps and have a glimpse at gaming history...

Anyway. Just visit this beautiful and cozy corner of the web for you downloads. Ah, don't thank me. Thank Mr. Forbeck instead (who actually thanked Mr. Costikyan for first discovering this little treasure).

[UPDATE]: The excellent Vintage Gamer blog has reviews of both Barbarian Prince and Demonlord. Check them out, you really should...

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  1. Of course, you dig up more of that good stuff. Nice job! Games had such simple box art and fun gameplay back then.

  2. I'll try to dear ross... Cheers!

  3. Happy Birthday gnome!
    Long live your beard and may your lair prosper.You re just one year old little one..in this universe that is

  4. Thank you oh most lovely anonymous... xxx

  5. holy feck.... your generosity and skill in discovering the undiscoverable are astounding... hexagrams damn i thought i never see one again..... thank you....

  6. Hexagrams will never day. Totally unlike pentagramms, which is quite weird... By the way, you're very welcome... Any other freebie you might care for oh bravest of the elderly?

  7. ..well a certain jolie mobile number, wouldn't go astray.... probably better a fantasy than a reality.... still

    (...lost in reverie.....)

  8. Cant remeber the number really... Care for the keys perhaps?

  9. gulp!


    (drooling...staring at Gnome intently and rubbing his hands gleefully)

    ....keys you say....? keys for

    (can't say the words...)

    a certain place perhaps.....

  10. A certain place's doors to be precise...

  11. For those interested, I have reviews of two of these on my Vintage Gamer show: Demonlord and Barbarian Prince.

    And happy belated!

  12. Ah, yes! Excellent, brillinat, guess I'll have to update the post and link to 'em reviews...