Jan 3, 2007

EUO, E. Ultima Online

While I am slaving away preparing the Second Act of MMO Gnome, here's something for the legions of MMO players that (do not) frequent the halls of this Lair: EUO. EUO is a pretty old-school dungeon crawler of a MMORPG, that is absolutely free to play and is much of a tribute to Ultima 5. Oh, and 4. As the game's developers put it...
In a nutshell:

* old-school Ultima, but multiplayer!
* dungeon bashing
* PvP
* rare/magic item collecting/hoarding
* quest completion
* crafting & miscellaneous skills
* player housing and pets
* it is (and always will be) free to play!
..Get and play the EUO MMORPG by following this link..

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  1. You have the best site for reviews Gnome... It's hard to believe there are so many good games out there. :)

  2. Indeed a reassuring portent for the year ahead on Gnomes Lair.... though your use of dark magic to find such rewarding gems gives me cause for concern.... (repositions garlic clove....)

  3. Thank you Tom. I'll blush now...

    Ah, Mr. Elderly you 've find out havent you? tsk, tsk... Garlic? Pah! I eat french everyday... Daywalker they call me (well, that and gnome, really)

  4. ...daywalker..... (elderly shivers......crosses himself....feels light headed....)

  5. (runs out of the room screaming...........)

  6. Hope you avoided the trench outside...