Dec 4, 2006

Short and Chaotic: Meet the Chaos Dwarfs

Yes. It really is touching. Games Workshop can't be arsed to come up with Chaos Stunties minies or even a Chaos Dwarf armybook, but dedicated Warhammer connoisseurs like Aublar the (obviously) magnificent still try to keep the nasty short ones alive. You see, Aublar decided to create an amazingly converted and imaginatively painted Chaos Dwarf army, that would cunningly follow regular Dwarf rules. Apparently he did it.

Have a look at these nice pictures and read the rest about Aublar's Chaos Dwarfs here.

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  1. drooooooolllll.....

    (gets cloth..cleans up drool..)

  2. shame to submit them to the fickle fate of dice...... beautiful work...

  3. Indeed, indeed... Aren't you going to have a go at painting your own, oh talented friend?

  4. i still have my "skeleton" figure sitting in the bathroom, but then im a bit like that in all things... half cups of tea... long ashes on cigarettes.... never manage to catch the second of a two part mini drama....

  5. Scary stuff. Still, you do remeber to drink up eventually.. Right?

  6. ..yep i superglue my hands to the glass..... ergo drink is always to hand...

    to hand.. yor yor!

  7. It seems like GW is the sort of company that would sue for this type of thing - I'm curious, is there a long history of custom armies like this for their systems?

    Is that the reason the artists haven't created custom rules and just decided to use the existing Dwarf rules? to rock fewer boats?

  8. Hey Ben,

    nice of you to drop in :)

    Now, truth is, GW actually encourage custom made armies, themed armies and generally fiddling with (converting) their miniatures. Besides, they have no IP claims on anything painted/converted/etc by its rightful owner. Oh, and converted armies are almost as old as the hobby itself, while GW's very own White Dwarf publication does showcase them frequently.

    Only reason people go for standard rules and not for homegrown ones, is that otherwise they wouldn't be able to take part in tournaments (GW sanctioned or not).

    Hope that covers you.



  9. That's good of them! I presume that there is some sort of etiquette regarding using mostly Citadel parts though?

    I'm continually impressed by the creativeness of miniature wargamers and the sheer amount of effort they put into the hobby. The preparation/play ration must be incredibly high, but I suppose it's all in the journey and not always the destination :)

  10. Indeed ... after all quite a few poets would agree on the value of the journey itself...

    As for the miniature parts... well, guess they usually tend to be GW, but lots of scratch-built things are freely included...

  11. woooww........ God, I love those Chaos stunties! I seriously love that regiment of warriors and the use of chaos warrior helmest is just fantastic! Its almost as if those are official GW models! Seriously, be proud!

  12. Quite a sight, eh? If only GW bothered to replicate them for mass consumption...