Oct 5, 2006

Mapping the classic text-adventure

Text-adventures. Interactive fiction. The games that challenged the imagination by providing the most intuitive gaming interface ever devised. My favorite genre. Masterpieces one could lose oneself in for ages. Unless of course one had a map. Preferably a beautifully illustrated one. Or five. Even six. Like the ones that follow, in what one could describe as the cartography of legends...
Zork 1
Knight Orc
Leather Goddesses of Phobos
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  1. The hours i spent drawing my own maps for mapless games.... however i did discover cartography wasn't a realistic career choice for me to follow....

  2. A wise choice indeed Mr. Elderly. Cartography math is far too complicated... Besides there already are maps of most things. Even adventures...

  3. That 'Lancelot' map has a place called 'Chapel Perilous' in roughly the same location as Manchester. I've heard this dump called many things, but a Chapel? more like a Cathedral of the Damned!

  4. Hmmm... but was pre-industrial revolution Manchester bigger than a chapel? Aha! Guessed so...

  5. maths? and there i spent over 20 years thinking it was my crap drawing skills.....

  6. Nope it was math. Tough math. Nothing to do with drawing. Really.

  7. math? pah! no goog at maths, probably why i lose count of how many drinks I have, pah!

  8. Always had trouble drinking 3 and coming back home at 10, instead of drinking 10 and coming back at 3 myself....

  9. Lol ace!!!!

    damn you lucky sod, you can actually find your way home......